Merino Beanie Hats

Keep the warmth in and cold out. 100% Merino Wool beanie hats. Made from soft merino wool by knitwear artisans in the Ayrshire region of Scotland. Our Links Beanie Hats are designed to last.



Our beanie hat knitwear is meticulously crafted on the serene banks of Loch Leven by the famous Todd & Duncan mill, a choice driven by the water's natural purity and softness, which enhances the woolen fibers. This results in remarkably consistent colors and the exceptional handle and soft feel.

The commitment to environmental responsibility shines through. By using of eco-friendly dyes, the process allows the water to be cleansed and purified and returned to the Loch Leven once the dyeing process is complete.

Made in Scotland.

Designed, woven and handcrafted by artisans.