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our story

Keep close to Scotland’s heart.

And break free, once in a while. Wander down the fairway links.
Breathe the sea air. Swing away. Wash your spirit clean.

inspired by scotland, golf adventures and positive change

We create crafted golf accessories for your golf adventures by collaborating with artisans, mills and heritage factories across Scotland including own workshop in Dunfermline, Fife. Combining expert manufacturing and modern design with sustainability.


Replacing your divot, repairing your pitch mark, raking the bunker. Respecting the course, nature and your fellow golfers.

This is the way of golf and we believe this is the way to make our product. Every decision we make, we consider our impact on the planet.

Our promise is clear: We will use the most sustainable materials, fabrics and methods possible on all of our products and activity.

Let's look after our arena.

heritage & craftsmanship: MADE IN SCOTLAND

We are proud of Scotland's rich and storied manufacturing heritage.

Our product is handmade by skilled artisans and heritage factories across Scotland and we source our core fabrics from the finest Scottish mills and weavers.

We want to reconnect golf with Scottish manufacturing and blend tradition, excellence and modernity through our designs and creations.

We support and celebrate Scotland's makers.


Made in Scotland for your golf adventures