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Made in Scotland, crafted to perfection and responsibly created golf accessories.

Craftmanship and golf are an integral part of Scottish culture and the creation of Fyfe Golf was born from the desire of connecting these traditions and supporting the continuation of Scottish manufacturing whilst doing so in a modern, sustainable way.

Inspired by the rich heritage of making and creating in Scotland, we use fabrics from legendary mills and make our products at esteemed factories where generations have been producing the finest goods for decades.

We are dedicated in the pursuit of creating the best quality, most sustainable, crafted goods that golfers around the world can enjoy and use proudly on their golf adventures.

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where we make

From our workshop to the historic factories and fabric mills across Scotland.


carbon neutral

Certified carbon neutral by Positive Planet

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rewilding the highlands

We support environmental projects in Scotland and are members of the 1% for the planet organisation.

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