An Aussie Mag for an Aussie Open Winner...and a hit of
some nostalgic golf journeys through Scotland and a Scottish design great.


CADDIE - Volume 10


Golf & Travel from Australian publication Caddie. The edition features the stunning Bougle Run with some stunning photography, a great article on Irish Links Golf and Breaking Bondi. Worth a read and the no so long wait of shipment from Australia.


HELL'S GOLFER - Tom Morton


Since his Troon childhood, Morton has struggled against the
demons of golf. Now he journeys in search of a secret golfing heaven, a place where his stance is perfect, the sun shines and part is always attainable. Cheaply and quietly. The fictional character Palmer seems be a blend of the
authors own character and some fiction. Does Scotland, the home of golf, still hold some places where a leather clad biker can play hard and fast and without any hassle? Tom Morton takes reader deep into the mysterious and dark corners of golf and Scotland.




Charles Rennie-Mackintosh is one of Glasgow's instantly recognizable creative geniuses, and his influence on art and design has shaped the identify of the city for over 100 years. This book examines his influence and impact on the city of Glasgow.